Workplace Health Promotion & Education

Engage staff with fun and interactive health events

From Roadshows and Health Fairs to Educational Workshops and Seminars, encourage staff to make positive lifestyle changes by targeting key health issues in an engaging and fun manner. Choose from a comprehensive range of topics all of which can be specifically tailored around your organisation.

Feel drunk without touching a drop of alcohol, or step into the ring and go 3 rounds with your boss using our Wii Fit Challenge!

Whether it’s our fun beer goggles or with cutting-edge heart rate technology, there are lots of exciting and interactive ways we can encourage positive lifestyle changes with our onsite health promotion solutions. Perfect to link in with national awareness campaigns including Alcohol Awareness Week, Stress Awareness Day, Diabetes Week and Men’s & Women’s Health, Back Care, Mini Health MOTs, Know Your Numbers Campaigns plus much more.

Tailored around your organisation and delivered by trained health professionals our events are fully managed by our friendly and helpful team. Professional and bespoke artwork is included to help you communicate to staff.
  • Know your numbers/Mini Health MOTs

  • Cholesterol/Diabetes/Blood Pressure

  • Get Fit, Get Active

  • Alcohol Awareness

  • Nutrition & Diet

  • Sleep Awareness

  • Hydration Awareness

  • Summer/Winter Health

  • Men’s/Women’s Health

  • Back Care & Posture

“Fantastic event where we all learnt something new! I’ll think twice about my own health choices from now on after such an informative day”

Onsite health Screening

Educational Workshops and Seminars

Onsite professional quality workshops and seminars to educate and encourage

Engaging and interactive workshops to educate your staff about key health and lifestyle risks. We look at ways to reduce risk and practical ways of incorporating positive changes that can improve overall health and wellbeing. Tailored to your requirements and delivered by a trained health professional, sessions can be created from 15 minute bite size sessions to full day events covering a range of topics.

All events are supplied with use of our Online Booking System, Workshop Literature, Employee Feedback Reports and Promotional Materials. Popular topics include: Health & Wellbeing ‘Taster’ (nutrition, hydration and pressure), Get Fit & Get Active, Stress, Posture & Balance, Nutrition & Diet, Men’s & Women’s Health


Health e-Learning

We host free webinars to help support and educate our clients on a wide a range of subjects, such as “How to manage stress in the workplace”, “Address mental health and wellbeing in the workplace with confidence” through to “How to manage wellbeing across multiple sites and remote workers”. Please register your interest to hear about our next webinar topic.


Onsite health Screening

Onsite health Screening

Smoothie Bike Challenge

Encourage healthy eating, promote fitness and have fun all at once!

Our bikes don’t have any brakes, only one wheel and they aren’t great for going far but they make amazing smoothies! Fitted with a special blender that spins as you pedal, you can mix up delicious fruit or vegetable smoothies in just a few minutes. Always very popular with employees it is the perfect for any event where you want something different and a great way to engage with staff and encourage healthy eating and exercise at the same time.

  • Fun and Engaging
  • Fully Managed Service
  • Choose from a range of Smoothies
  • Promote Healthy Eating & Exercise

Perfect to link with other events including:

  • Blood Pressure/Cholesterol Testing
  • Hydration/Body Fat Testing
  • Nutrition/Get Fit Workshops


“The smoothie bike was the perfect way to get my staff engaged. We linked this with our Get Active campaign and it worked a treat!”

Healthy Products

Compliment your event and boost employee participation with our healthy products

Choose from a range of products which will add value to your event including Pedometers, Branded Water Bottles, Branded Stress Balls, Wearable Technology and much more.


Onsite health Screening

Onsite health Screening

Flu Vaccines & Flu Vouchers

Our flu vaccines service provides a convenient and hassle-free way to reduce the risk of an outbreak of flu in your organisation.

Carried out at your workplace by one of our qualified nurses, we will manage the whole programme from start to finish.

Need a solution across multiple sites?

For employees who are not able to attend, we also offer flu vouchers which can be redeemed at over 2,500 pharmacies across the UK.


“The booking system is great as it manages our flu vaccinations across all locations and saves me so much time – see you again next year!”

Onsite health Screening

Keepy-Uppy Challenge

A unique football based promotional event for men and women

A great summer event that links fun with men’s or women’s health, using football to increase uptake levels. With separate leader boards for Men and Women – who can do the most kick ups and win a prize? But before anyone takes part, they must have a mini ‘Health MOT’ (the real reason for the event) to identify any health risks.


Wii Fit Challenge

Enter the boxing ring and take on your colleagues in a virtual boxing match

The Nintendo Wii Fit Challenge is fun and engaging and is great for highlighting how staff can improve activity levels. Staff go head to head and whilst the match is being played we’ll monitor their heart rate levels (using heart rate technology). Players get points for winning the boxing but also points for their recovery rate (how quickly their heart rate drops in 30 seconds). Includes professional support and onsite health and fitness advice, prizes and marketing material to help you promote internally.


Onsite health Screening


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