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health and wellbeing webinar recording

2019 was expected to be the year for health and wellbeing development in the workplace

Employers were to devote greater focus on the support provided for their employee’s physical and mental wellbeing. We surveyed the level of engagement by 100 companies and the approaches being adopted and found:

  • 36% of respondents have no formal health & wellbeing programme established.
  • Those running health & wellbeing benefits (20%) do not regularly review them to ensure they remain relevant.
  • 49% are considering introducing new benefits to support mental health in the workplace.
  • Many employers are not allocating specific budget each year to develop their benefits and support services in this area. 


Catch up on our latest webinar and learn how to improve Health & Wellbeing in your organisation

Healthy Performance and Vested Employee Benefits have partnered up to bring you an insight into the key findings from our 2019 Health and Wellbeing survey and provide cost effective solutions to help establish or improve your 2020 Health and Wellbeing programme. 

During this webinar, we will showcase;

  • The importance of Health and Wellbeing in the workplace
  • Summary of the main survey results
  • Case Study: Creating budget and enhancing benefits
  • Preventative support and Introducing Mental Health support