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Flu Vaccinations & Vouchers

It’s never been so simple to book and manage your onsite vaccinations and vouchers

We provide a convenient and hassle‑free flu vaccination solution, from single sites to multiple locations.

Conducted at your workplace by our qualified nurses, our fully managed service includes our amazing online booking system, offering a FREE ‘Register Interest’ option that collates accurate numbers, not just a guess, of how many vaccines or vouchers are required.

Our flu vouchers can be redeemed at over 2,500 high street pharmacies and supermarkets. Flu vouchers are a simple and cost-effective solution ideal for field based employees or staff who aren’t available to participate in our vaccination programme. 

Make your Flu booking or request a FREE Register Interest service

The benefits of our flu vaccination programme:

Workplace Flu Vaccinations

An outbreak of seasonal flu could have a devastating effect on your workforce this winter. Unlike a cold which can be over in a few days, flu can take weeks to recover from and could result in higher absence levels amongst your staff.

With our flu vaccination service, we provide a convenient and hassle-free way of reducing the risk of an outbreak occurring. Conducted onsite at your workplace by one of our qualified nurses, we manage the flu vaccination programme from start to finish.

And so that you can spread the word about the benefits to your employees, we also provide professional marketing material for your workplace and our online booking system.

Not sure about how many vaccines you require? No problem, our unique ‘Register Interest’ booking system allows you to accurately gauge your requirements.

Flu Vouchers

Do you have a large workforce spread across multiple locations? Don’t worry, we also offer flu vouchers which can be redeemed from over 2,500 high street and supermarket pharmacies.

Flu vouchers are a simple and cost-effective solution for flu vaccination. Ideal for field based employees or staff who aren’t available to participate in our vaccination programme, they instead are able to redeem their voucher and receive their flu vaccination at one of the 2,500 participating pharmacies across the UK.

See below for your nearest pharmacy.

Flu Vouchers Available​

Online Booking System

Nationwide Service

Register Interest Service

Marketing Material

Fully Managed Service

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