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Flu vaccinations & vouchers

Remain in complete control with our straightforward and cost-effective flu vaccination programmes

At Healthy Performance we provide convenient and hassle‑free flu vaccination programmes suitable for businesses of all shapes and sizes

Why offer flu vaccinations to your employees?

An outbreak of seasonal flu could have a devastating effect on your workforce this winter. Unlike a cold which can be over in a few days, flu can take weeks to recover from and could result in higher absence levels amongst your staff. 

We also need to do everything we can to protect that NHS at this time, so UK Government, Public Health England and the World Health Organisation have all said that it’s vitally important that flu vaccinations are given. A flu vaccine programme can help you:

  • Promote a healthy workplace and protect your most valuable asset – your employees.
  • Reduce the cost and disruption of unexpected sick leave.
  • Enhance your employee value proposition to attract and recruit top talent.
  • Enhance your current employee benefit offerings which can drive overall employee engagement. 

What are my flu vaccination options?

We have two flu vaccination programmes which are both easy to set-up and manage.

Digital flu vouchers​

With paper flu vaccination vouchers you buy them in the hope that everyone uses them. But with no way of tracking who uses their voucher you could be wasting a lot of money. With our digital vouchers, you only pay for the vouchers which are redeemed.


✔️ Only pay for the vouchers which are used.


✔️ Get set up in 24 hours.


✔️ Easy to distribute. 


✔️ Track activation and redemption. 


✔️ Can be used across more than 2,000 pharmacies nationwide. 

Workplace flu vaccinations

With our workplace flu vaccination service, we come to you.  We can visit single or multiple locations and we provide a fully managed service.  You just need to provide a room.

✔️ Fully managed service.


✔️ Booking system to manage the entire process.


✔️ All necessary equipment provided.


✔️ Conducted by our qualified nurse who follow strict PPE processes and protocols in line with Public Health England to ensure Covid-19 workplace safety.  All necessary equipment provided.

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