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Flu vaccinations & vouchers

Remain in complete control with our straightforward and cost-effective flu vaccination programmes

Convenient flu vaccination programmes

At Healthy Performance we offer two types of flu vaccination programmes – digital flu vouchers and onsite flu vaccinations. Click below to find out more about your programme of interest.

Digital Flu Vouchers

✔️ Pay as you go (PAYG) and pre-paid models available

✔️ Easy to distribute – get set up in less than 24 hours

✔️ PAYG model includes voucher redemption tracking 

✔️ Redeem at more than 4,000 pharmacies nationwide

Onsite Flu Vaccinations

✔️ Suitable for single and multi-site organisations

✔️ Conducted by our qualified nurses

✔️ Booking system to manage the entire process

✔️ All necessary equipment provided

Why offer flu vaccinations to your employees?

An outbreak of seasonal flu could have devastating effects on your workforce. Unlike a cold, which can be over within a few days, flu can take weeks to recover from and could result in higher absence levels amongst your staff.

Whether you choose digital flu vouchers or onsite flu vaccinations, a flu vaccine programme can help you:

✔️ Promote a healthy workplace and protect your most valuable asset – your employees

✔️ Reduce the cost and disruption of unexpected sick leave

✔️ Enhance your current employee benefits offering which can drive overall employee engagement

Unsure which is most suitable for you?