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Digital Flu Vouchers at Work

The world’s first digital flu vouchers at work are redeemable at over 2,000 pharmacies!

About digital flu vouchers

In a world dominated by technology have you ever stopped to think “why do we still use paper vouchers?” We did, so we created the first multi-pharmacy digital flu voucher.  

It means no more guessing how many paper vouchers you need, no more using single-pharmacy vouchers that restrict where you can use them and, no more wasting budget by paying in advance and hoping the vouchers are used. 

With our digital flu vouchers you only pay for what has been redeemed across our network of over 2,000 pharmacies nationwide. 

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It's probably more cost effective for your staff to claim through your expenses policy as it's probably more expensive using us. You're welcome 🙂
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Why choose us?

We understand our customers and we put them first. That’s exactly why we’ve created the first ever digital voucher that can be redeemed across multiple pharmacies.

✔️ Only pay for the vouchers which are used

✔️ Get set up in 24 hours

✔️ Easy to distribute

✔️ Track activation and redemption

✔️ Can be used across more than 2,000 pharmacies nationwide

✔️ Be more environmentally friendly with digital vouchers – no paper 

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How does it work?

Our digital flu programme has been built with you in mind. Here’s how simple it is to get up and running.

Simply email your employees promoting the digital flu voucher and include the link that we share with you.

Your employees click the link which generates a unique voucher and code for them to use.

Once the voucher is downloaded your employees will have access to our handy locator tool to find their local pharmacies.

Your employee visits the pharmacy and shows the voucher to the pharmacist via their smartphone. The pharmacist will then simply scan the voucher/enter a code into their system.

Simply login into your client dashboard at any time for full visibility of usage and voucher redemption statistics

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Digital flu FAQ's

A digital flu voucher is an online alternative to the traditional paper-based flu voucher. Going digital makes it easier for employees to redeem their vaccination and easier for businesses to measure usage. It’s also more eco-friendly.

Digital flu vouchers make running a flu programme a breeze. By going digital you can be set up and live in less than 24 hours. Digital vouchers give you the ability to distribute vouchers companywide at a click of a button, track usage and stay in control of costs. And remember, you only ever pay for vaccination vouchers that have been redeemed!

It’s really simple. You send a communication to everyone in your company, or to a select group if you know who is interested, highlighting the process. We can help with gauging interest levels with our Register Interest booking system.  Once employees have received the email, they simply activate their voucher by entering your unique company code (that we provide) and their email address into our platform. 

Healthy Performance can set up a unique company code within 24 hours (sooner if required) and this code can be shared with your employees immediately.

Employees simply visit one of more than 2,000 trusted pharmacies and get their vaccination by presenting the digital voucher code via their mobile device to the pharmacist. Click here to find your nearest pharmacy.
We have partnered with Lloyds Pharmacy, pharmacies in Sainsburys and Asda supermarkets, along with Kamson Pharmacy and Dears Pharmacy. Click here to find your nearest pharmacy.

No, unlike the vast majority of flu voucher providers (who charge up front for a set number of paper and e-vouchers) we believe that you should only be charged for vouchers that are used by your employees.  

You will be provided with an admin area to monitor uptake levels showing vouchers activated (but not used), those redeemed and also those not used.  This means that you can track uptake very easily.

Digital flu vouchers have an expiry date of 31 March 2021 which is three months longer than most paper vouchers that expire on 31 December 2020.

General flu FAQ's

Seasonal flu is an influenza virus that is highly contagious and causes short term illness (typically 5-7days). Offering flu vaccinations is an easy way to help protect your employees, reduce absenteeism and boost productivity.

The flu season typically runs from December through to April with the flu vaccination period starting at the end of September through to December.

Over time, protection from the flu vaccination gradually decreases and flu strains change. New flu vaccines are produced each year which is why we suggest that people have a new vaccination each year.

In a word, no. This is a common misconception when it comes to flu vaccinations. The vaccine contains an inactivated virus that cannot in itself cause flu. You may however experience some mild flu-like symptoms or a sore arm during the first 48 hours after vaccination as your own immune system responds to the vaccination. For the majority of people, there are no symptoms. Taking some painkillers can reduce any discomfort along with moving your arm regularly. Please have a look at the NHS website if you need more information. 

Studies have shown that getting a vaccination will help to prevent catching the flu. However, a vaccine will not stop all flu viruses and the level of protection may vary, so it’s not a 100% guarantee that you’ll be flu-free. But, if you do get the flu after a vaccination, it’s likely to be milder and shorter lived than it would otherwise have been.

It is safe for the majority of people to receive a flu vaccination. However, if you have had a confirmed anaphylactic reaction to a previous flu vaccination or an allergic reaction to any component of the vaccine then you should not have the jab. The vaccinations that are used are prepared in hen’s eggs and should therefore not be administered to people with known allergies to chicken or egg products.  

We do not administer the Quadravalant vaccine to over 65’s as they are entitled to the Trivalant vaccine free of charge from the NHS via their GP.