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Potential link between binge drinking and overeating

A new study released by Slimming World has revealed some startling results including a potential “tipping point” where people who consume more than 3 glasses of wine can consume up to an additional 6,300 calories in the following 24 hours.
These additional calories could lead to gaining around 2lb a week (900g), the survey of over 2,000 people has suggested.
About half (51%) of those who drank alcohol said crossing the threshold had made them binge on fast food.
Although experts warned that the study showed trends and not “hard science”, it did find that people often opted for bed, TV and using social media to “cure a hangover” – along with another extra 2,051 calories, on top of their usual diet, the next day.  On the night out, they had consumed about 2,829 calories extra in food and 1,476 extra calories in drink, the survey said.
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