Onsite Health Screening

The most engaging part of any wellbeing programme with Same Day Results for Employees and segmented Company Health Reports to help you monitor progress.

Health Checks Carried Out at Your Workplace

Choose from a range of health screening options that are carried out onsite and with NO exercise involved

Staff receive SAME DAY health reports in a simple to understand format along with recommendations for making positive lifestyle changes. As an organisation you receive a FREE company health report that can be segmented by location and department to allow you to take a proactive approach to health and wellbeing as it highlights hotspots and trends.

From ‘Know Your Numbers’ campaigns covering Blood Pressure, Body Composition, Cholesterol, Diabetes and other key areas, to comprehensive health reports including Urinalysis, Cardiac Risk Assessments and Bowel Screening there is a solution for every organisation and budget.

The Benefits

Same Day Employee Results
in a simple to understand format

Company Healthy Report
segmented by location/department

Annual Comparisons
for both employee and business

Dedicated Event Manager
to support the programme’s success

Professional Marketing Material
to promote the event internally

Awesome Online Booking System
to make the process as easy as possible

Engage, motivate and inspire
your whole workforce

Employee feedback to monitor
quality and professionalism

12 Months FREE Access to

Why you will LOVE us!

  • We listen to what you need and tailor our services to you
  • One stop provider delivering all your Health & Wellbeing requirements
  • Personalised booking system and professional marketing material
  • Employee feedback to help you monitor quality and professionalism
  • FREE monthly newsletter and posters to communicate key health messages

Why your team will LOVE us!

  • Appointments can be booked in less than 30 seconds
  • Services are carried out onsite for convenience
  • Instant results and same day employee health reports
  • Free access to MyWellbeingCheck
  • Friendly health assessors and great advice, support and resources

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