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Address mental health and wellbeing in the workplace with confidence

Thursday 29th November | 10.30am

This webinar has now taken place. However, you can watch it again here (registration is required).

Due to the increasing awareness and understanding of workplace stress, mental health programmes are more common now than ever before. Whilst there is support available for every business, it isn’t always easy to implement an effective and joined up strategy.

Our most recent webinar is aimed at key decision makers who drive or wish to implement a Mental Health & Wellbeing Strategy within their organisation. We’ll offer you expertise on solutions that can be implemented from the start of a strategy or help add value to an existing programme.

Those who are interested in participating will be invited to trial Pascal® – the UK’s most innovative and educational mental health support tool. Pascal® offers an exciting range of features, as well as the ability to benchmark results and monitor risk across your whole organisation. It’s also the first tool of its kind that will provide a split of work and home pressure.

Along with an invite to trial Pascal®, we will also cover the following points in our 30-minute webinar:

• Overview of the current work-related stress situation in the UK and your legal requirements.
• An overview of proactive support and resources available to all organisations.
• Making the most of Pascal® – What Pascal® can do for you and your employees.
• Engage employees and build trust – The key to success for your strategy.
• What next? – An overview of action points and opportunities


Andrew Harris

Client Wellbeing Manager at Healthy Performance

The webinar will be facilitated by Andrew Harris, Client Wellbeing Manager at Healthy Performance. Andrew has 10 years’ experience helping businesses implement a Mental Health & Wellbeing strategy and has worked in collaboration with some of the biggest blue chip companies to guide them through the HSE’s Stress Management Standards. Andrew is also a Mental Health First Aider and was heavily involved in the creation of Healthy Performance’s supportive mental health tool, Pascal.

This webinar has now taken place. However, you can watch it again here (registration is required).