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Get to know our digital flu voucher service

Please see below for instructions on how to process Healthy Performance digital flu vaccination vouchers

How does it work for pharmacies?

Digital flu vouchers mean employers no longer have to guess how many paper vouchers they need to buy in reality. Employers simply email their company code.  The employee activates the voucher by entering their work email address (after they’ve entered a unique company code) and they are then sent an email with the actual voucher that is presented to you in the pharmacy.

For pharmacies it means no paper for you to handle (which can reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission) and it’s also more environmentally friendly. There is no payment required in store – we have an arrangement with your pharmacy to reimburse you for each vaccine delivered.

About Healthy Performance and our digital flu voucher

We are passionate about improving employee health and wellbeing through our range of innovative and easy to use workplace solutions. One of our latest innovations is the creation of the first multi-pharmacy digital flu vaccination voucher which employers can easily implement and reduce their overall vaccination expenditure.