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How much do you know about your employees lifestyles?

Do you know how much exercise your employees do? Or how much or little sleep they get? Or even if they eat a well-balanced diet?

Why would you if you’ve never asked?

A poll carried out on our Linkedin page found that 43% believe it is the employer’s responsibility to help employees lead a fit and healthy lifestyle, while 52% agreed that the responsibility is a combination of the individual and employer. Just 5% of respondents felt that it was solely the employee’s responsibility.

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By tailoring your health and wellbeing efforts around your employee hotspots and areas for concern, not only can you improve the health and lifestyles of your employees, but you could also be saving your business money due to increased productivity and reduced absenteeism.

This is where MyWellbeingCheck can help…

MyWellbeingCheck is an online lifestyle assessment tool that
looks at alcohol, smoking, nutrition, activity, sleep, mind, and movement, all of which are areas that may be having a negative effect on your staff’s productivity.

Employees can complete the short online lifestyle assessment from any device, in any location due to it being a digital tool and will immediately be presented with an engaging report on their lifestyle upon completion.

MyWellbeingCheck allows you to personalise your employee’s journey with your own referral pathways such as EAP or occupational health providers, as well as providing access to our Take5 resource library, enabling your employees to learn more about specific lifestyle choices and how they can benefit from making certain changes.

The live dashboard and instant reporting help to keep employees engaged while allowing them to compare changes and trends over time.

As an employer, you can use the collected data to create and tailor your health and wellbeing programmes so that they align with the areas that your employees need support in.

By offering a lifestyle and wellbeing tool to your employees, not only does that positions you at the forefront as an employer of choice, but it also provides your employees with feelings of trust and support.

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