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Healthy Performance Introduce Mental Health First Aid Referrals

employee health checks and mental health first aid referrals

Did you know that 1 in 4 people experience a mental health issue each year? Research from mental health charity Mind also found that as many as 1 in 6 working-age adults experience mental ill-health weekly. At Healthy Performance not only do we recognise the importance of these statistics, but we are trying to do something about them.

Our Onsite Employee Health Checks have historically focussed on helping people to manage their physical health. Our range of tests allow people to identify key numbers relating to their cardiovascular health such as blood pressure and cholesterol. If these numbers are a little high it may trigger a GP referral and follow up call from our support team. One of our main focuses moving forward in 2020 is to provide the same level of support to help people manage their mental health as well. So, from this February we’ll be introducing a mental health referral system across all our health screening options.

In 2019 our health screening team had an increasing amount of conversations with people about their mental health. The addition of this new service means people in distress will be called back after their initial health screening appointment by our Mental Health First Aid Instructor. The process will remain completely private and confidential and provides another outlet for the person to talk about how they are feeling, enabling us to signpost them to appropriate professional services if required. New to our employee health check service? Find out more here.


Is tackling mental health in the workplace high on your agenda?

Mental ill-health is responsible for 72 million working days lost and costs businesses £34.9 billion each year through loss in productivity.  At Healthy Performance, we’re helping businesses to remove mental health stigma in the workplace, improve employee knowledge and provide invaluable support.

How we can help:

  • Our professionally delivered and interactive Stress, Resilience and Mental Health Workshops have been designed to educate and inform your staff on how to deal with potential challenges.
  • Provide your staff with the knowledge and ability to spot early signs of mental health issues and how to offer initial support through our Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) courses. Learn more about our MHFA courses here.
  • Pascal is our innovative mental health support platform that has been built on validated stress management standards. Pascal allows you and your employees to measure home and work pressure, ensure you comply with HSE regulations and employment law, and importantly, provide your employees with more support surrounding mental health. Learn more about our mental health support platform here.



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